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Job Tracker Software:

Description of what it is, what it does
The Job Tracker database program is an application developed to run on Microsoft Access. Itís purpose is to track incoming equipment to a repair shop, and to organize relevant details. It produces an on-screen report that shows transactions that have not been finalized. It can also show all transactions (finalized or not) , as well as filter transactions pertaining to a specific customer.

Warning about support

There is no support for the Job Tracker. Anyone considering using it should be able to independently create and edit tables, reports, and queries in Access, as well more general computer support. You should thoroughly test using hypothetical records, in order to confirm that it meets your data recording and reporting needs. Depending on your experience and skills, you may need to take a class in Access programming, hire a consultant, or read books.

Description of required resources
You will need a computer running Windows XP , and Microsoft Access.

Description of Information recorded in Job Tracker

Customer info

Customer Company Name Customer Person name
Phone #
fax number
email address

Scale info

Serial Number
Incoming date
Technician name
Description of malfunction
Quoted to customer $
Customer approved quote date
Customer PO #
( text about the job, or details of discussions w/customer)
Tracking number
ID ( a number assigned by the Access database program )
Your PO # to vendors for outside support services
Your cost from outside vendor $
Sent to IES ? yes/no
IES tracking #
Invoiced customer ? yes/no
Finished ? yes/no


download by clicking this link
Shop job tracker .mdb


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